Kenyon’s pool of investment funds is not an all-purpose checking account but a series of specific commitments for the long-term support of faculty, programs or scholarships. Half of all gifts to Kenyon’s “Our Path Forward” campaign will go to such perpetually invested funds. Only with a larger endowment can Kenyon remain competitive with our peer colleges, most of which have endowments larger than Kenyon’s when measured on a per-student basis.

That’s the gap we need to shrink.

Your Investment in Kenyon

Kenyon has a remarkable record of thrift. The College has balanced its budget every year since 1969, and we have avoided significant disruptions to our operations even during major economic downturns.

The College’s finances remain challenging because each year about 80 percent of our operating revenue comes from student tuition and fees. How can we maintain a top-tier liberal arts program in good times and bad and keep tuition affordable? The foundation for greater financial stability is a growing endowment. 

With a larger endowment, Kenyon can:

  • Keep pace with the growing financial need of today's top students
  • Endow professorships to attract and retain the finest available faculty
  • Fund programs to support student success and retention
  • Support internships, research and on-campus apprenticeship programs
  • Accelerate innovation in teaching and technology

The Success and the Challenge

Kenyon has made great progress in just a few decades. Our endowment crossed the $10 million mark in 1980, and at the close of our 2021 fiscal year we stood at approximately $550 million. For that success, we thank you, our generous donors, and those who have prudently managed our growing financial assets. 

But the needs of a 21st-century liberal arts education and the pressure of our peer colleges demand that we continue to move forward. We invite your continued support as you learn more about how your endowment gifts are being managed as part of the College’s strategy to grow this vital resource.